The Mary E. Walker House

Dedicated to the women of our Nation’s Armed Forces on their journey to finding a way home.


The Mary E. Walker House Transitional Residence

The Mary E. Walker House is a thirty bed transitional residence for women Veterans who have found themselves in difficult life situations and without a home.  Many of these women suffer from military sexual trauma; at present approximately 60% of the residents have this diagnosis.  Currently one of the largest women Veteran transitional residence in the country, the Walker House and its staff strive to provide a comfortable, safe, and secure life-setting, while fostering respect, responsibility, and recovery.  The women are treated as out-patients by the Coatesville VA Medical Center staff, located on-site in our facility.  With a full commitment from the female Veteran, the Walker House has provided a path to a more secure and successful re-entry to the community for hundreds of Veterans since its opening in 2005. 


The Mary E Walker House Mission: To offer a safe environment where Women Veterans can stay, living in harmony with others, while they endeavor to attain personal growth and enhance life skills, in order to re-establish themselves as members of a community and regain ownership of their lives.


30 Female Bed Transitional Unit

Over 350 Women Veterans have called Mary E. Walker House Home

60% of Residents Diagnosed with Sexual Trauma