(Pictured: Residents at LZII share how the VMC has helped them to "RewriteTheCardboard")


“May this light be a ray of hope, leading our brother’s home”.


LZ II Transitional Residence: LZ II, an abbreviation of “Landing Zone II,” is a ninety-five bed transitional residence for homeless male Veterans operated by the Veterans Multi-Service Center on the grounds of the Coatesville VA Medical Center in Pennsylvania.  Known as “home” to over a thousand Veterans who have lived there since its opening in June of 1997, LZ II offers a safe, secure, and supportive environment in a structured program that fosters respect, recovery and responsibility while increasing independence as the Veteran transitions back into the community.  In our eighteen year history at LZ II we have had a 60% success rate with Veterans leaving the program with a job and enough savings for housing.  It should be noted that 14% of the occupants in LZ II are Veterans of the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  


LZ II Mission: To offer a safe environment where male Veterans can stay, living in harmony with others, while they endeavor to attain personal growth and enhance life skills, in order to re-establish themselves as members of a community and regain ownership of their lives. 


95 Bed Male Transitional Unit

Over 1,770 Veterans have called Landing Zone II home

14% Are Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars



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