VMC Gives Thanks for Sacred Assembly Church

 Female Vets at Beauty Day Event


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, the VMC has much to be thankful for, including our many generous supporters that contribute their time, money, and talents to help us serve over 2,500 local veterans each year.


One of these fantastic community partners is The Sacred Assembly Christian Fellowship Church led by Pastor Diane Brisbane.


Since March, Sacred Assembly CFC has hosted 9 separate events at the VMC’s Perimeter Center with as many as 99 veterans attending per event!  Among them are the very popular “Feeding with Love” luncheons, and free barber services that they call “Powercuts and Grooming Days” for our male veterans and “Beauty Days” for our female veterans. The “Beauty Days” invite women to come for hairstyling, facials, and pedicures while the “Powercuts and Grooming” provide an opportunity for a haircut and shave.


While you might not immediately think of “haircuts” as an important need among our Veterans, Pastor Brisbane and Sacred Assembly certainly did. They recognized the value in “looking and feeling good” and transferred their women’s ministry mission of “giving beauty for ashes” into events that not only offer a free service but also extend encouragement and empowerment to our veterans. And it must be working. With each event, we have seen an increase in participation, allowing us to reach more and more of our nation’s heroes.


This Thanksgiving, VMC is ever grateful for supporters like Sacred Assembly Christian Fellowship Church who have joined in our mission to “serve those who have served”.


About Sacred Assembly Christian Fellowship Church -- founded by Pastor Diane Brisbane, Sacred Assembly Christian Fellowship Church is located in the heart of Philadelphia. Known its missionary work, community feedings and outreach services, one mission is to give Beauty for Ashes.  201 North 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-750-1088


About VMC’s Perimeter Center -- opened in the spring of 2000, the Perimeter provides a full spectrum of services to homeless Veterans.  The premise of the Perimeter is to define a boundary of defense for our Veterans, separating the safe from the unsafe.  Located in VMC Headquarters in Center City Philadelphia, over 16,000 homeless Veteran client visits are recorded annually.