Donate by Mail


If you decide to serve those who have served by supporting the Veterans Multi-Service Center with a tax-deductible gift in the amount of...

  • $5  - you will provide a veteran with a healthy meal
  • $10 - you will provide transportation to job interviews
  • $25 - you will provide a drivers license or ID for employment
  • $50 - you will provide essential household items to make a house a home
  • $100 - you will provide multiple computer certifications to assist with employment
  • $250 - you will provide valuable technical training certifications (ie: Forklift, Food Safety Management, Upper Level Computer Education)
  • $1000 - you will provide basic furniture to ensure they share in the comforts of home that they deserve


Please make any check donations payable to VMC and mail to the address below:

Veterans Multi-Service Center (VMC)
Attn: Gifts
213-217 N. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Note: Donations must be received by VMC on, or before, December 31st, for the current tax year.