Honor a veteran or the memory of a loved one by presenting a gift to the VMC in their name. Please note online or in a letter with your donation your request to provide a gift on behalf of an honoree.


In Memory of Francis McHale

  • Sam & Beverly Ward
  • Patrick Hindley
  • Thomas & Joyce Henry
  • John Grabowski
  • Joseph Feszko, Jr.
  • Judith Guinan
  • Bob & Terry Temkin
  • BTHS Cafeteria Staff
  • Patrick Dougherty
  • Bill & Linda Donaghy
  • Paul O'Neill
  • William Rohlfing
  • The Bowens (Mike, Missy, Mikey, & Drew)
  • William Blaney
  • Sharon & Victoria Skelton
  • PECO Employees
  • Bill & Peggy Curry
  • Marie Martin
  • Donald & Cynthia Chiappisi

 In Memory of Mary Brandau

  • Michael Carlucci
  • Edward Seamans
  • Clare Condon
  • Geri & Gil Damis
  • Joan & Charles Ries
  • Bernadette Wiseman
  • Roseann Myers

In Memory of Amanda Leigh Bradley:

  • Mr & Mrs John Corley
  • Ladies of Montgomery Bucks Council
  • Robin Bradley's Friends: Nancy, Eleanor, Emily, Gerry, Sue Beth, TJ, Stacy
  • Kimberly Sokorai
  • Wyndmoore Hose Company #1
  • Trooper Veterinary Hospital
  • Patricia Kaiser
  • Edward Dachowski, DDS
  • Wendy Uba


In Memory of Donald Froggatt

  • James Kranstz
  • Trish Incognito
  • Charlotte Schmidt
  • Atlantic American Fire Equipment Company
  • Norma Lyons
  • Mary Claire Hopkins


In Memory of James F. Scott III:

  • Angela E. Johnson

In Memory of William B. Spence:

  • Linda Mefford

In Memory of Lt. Col. William J. Duffy:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stahl
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly

In Memory of Anthony Walsko:

  • Robert and Susan Jovanov

In Memory of Salvator Ranieri:

  • Esta Culter
  • Dominick Lijoi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Antonette Davis
  • Patricia Spinosi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bardzik
  • Elaine Sharp and Roy Gilmartin

In Honor of Richard Ehrlichman

  • Jason Woodward

In Honor of Harry Lincoln Strehle (WWII Veteran)

  • William and Natalie Strehle

In Honor of Michael H. Novak

  • R. Michael Novak

In Honor of John Gonella and Jack Calhoun

  • Tom & Helen Weber

In Memory of Scott R. Anderson

  • Mrs. Pamela Anderson

In Memory of William Schmidt

  • Margaret Keim

In Memory of Frank Bolger, Sr.

  • Mrs DeChantal Bolger
  • Frank Bolger, Jr
  • Mr and Mrs Richard Giardinelli
  • Wayne & Joan Giardinelli
  • James and Geraldine Porreca
  • Robert J Hassel
  • Julia Davidson

In Memory of Cherry Davis

  • 1868 Public Affairs 
  • Louis S Bezich 
  • Hoda Blau 
  • Thomas & Marian Cardace 
  • John J Collins
  • Diane Coluzzi 
  • Thomas/Boyd Communications
  • Karen Norcross and Family 
  • Ellen Greene 
  • Patti Jacobus 
  • Winning Strategies Washington 
  • Victor Nichols 
  • Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science 
  • Leslie T Stanaback
  • Scott Yellin 
  • Douglas Zehner 

In Memory of Jack K Barnett

  • Scott Barnett

In Honor of John DeBella

  • Ray Kliniewski

In Memory of David Douglas

  • Mrs DeChantal Bolger
  • Joanne Linus

In Memory of Guy Gindlesperger

  • Michele Kratz

In Memory of Rita C Heisler

  • Faith Heisler
  • Charna Schoenagle
  • Express Scripts, Inc.

 In Honor of Jerry Pendergrass

  • Mrs DeChantal Bolger

In Honor of Robert Lord

  • Jerry Wisla

In Honor of Thomas J Noone

  • Kathryn Dougherty

In Honor of William Kilrain

  • Glenn Blumenfeld

In Memory of Barbara E McCarrie

  • Philadelphia Sheriff's Office
  • Steven and Sandra Cohen
  • Helen McElroy Cyzio
  • Jane Glynn
  • Monica Kelly
  • Plumbers Union - Drexel
  • Geralyn M Moore
  • Donna Ramos
  • Bernadette Wiseman
  • John & Mary Brandau

In Memory of Anthony Piscopo

  • Lorraine Giannetti
  • Timothy and Denise Brown
  • Carl A Ortell
  • Michael and Jacqueline Kane

In Memory of Fred Kimmel

  • Curt Kimmel

In Memory of Jack K Barnett

  • Scott Barnett

In Memory of Jack Walsh

  • Dr Christopher Walsh

In Memory of Karen Newman

  • Carol E Pratt

In Memory of Leonard Kolakowski

  • Josephine Gerba

In Memory of Margaret Meserve

  • Ann V Hennelly
  • Tim Meserve

In Memory of Robert Watson

  • Jay Grossman

In Memory of Christopher W. Perkowski

  • Philadelphia Pharmacy
  • Bernice Pruski
  • Deborah Rudman
  • Michael J Walsh
  • The Iandola Family
  • John C. Reilly
  • John & Kathleen Muller
  • John & Diane English

Anonymous - Philadelphia, PA

"I am the wife of a Viet Nam Veteran. My husband started going to PVMSEC 10 years ago for help. No mere words could ever express how much his life and in turn our family life has changed for the better in those years. I am and always will be grateful for the wonderful care he has received at the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service Center & Education Center."


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